The Discovery Center

I took Nora to a local art museum, the Nicolaysen, that has a children’s area called the Discovery Center.  We had a lot of fun!

Some of Nora’s favorite things were the play sand, the magnet fractals, and the chairs.  She loved the ‘pint size chairs’ that were just her size.

I see us going back to the gallery to have a little play time outside of the house.  It’s good for us to get out and it helps Nora burn some energy.  She slept so good for her afternoon nap.


PS.  I started another blog (I know, I can barely post on this one).  But I wanted to start one that was more for my crafting, crossfitting, cooking, part of life and leave this one to be my family life.  IF you would like to check it out, please do:, I haven’t posted anything yet, I just got it started.



I was on a slight hiatus from the blogosphere world.  Not necessarily on purpose, but days went by, my wireless internet wasn’t working (had to order a new router-ugh) and I hate typing long messages/posts on my phone-plus not being on my network I was using a ton of data, when I do try and sit down at the computer while Nora is napping I get a little sidetracked sometimes and before I know it she is up (her naps aren’t long to begin with), and by nighttime all I want to do is crawl in bed and read.  So the days passed and before I knew it, it had been a week since I’d posted!  Get with it mama!

So I am back on the blog wagon and will try to schedule more posts so I don’t feel overwhelmed trying to do it every day (or nearly).

A day, a lifetime. 

I wake to your whimpers. It’s early. But I don’t mind that anymore. I’d get up at any hour for you. 

I bring you into bed with me; I’ve missed you. Your eyes slowly open and close as you nurse half asleep until you are full. As we lie back down and drift off to sleep, you roll into me and rest your tiny hand on my chest, and now I am full. This love is all encompassing, overwhelming and endless. I could stay in this moment. 

But alas, we wake up a few hours later to start our day together. You and me girl. You are my shadow and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve never enjoyed someone’s company so much; I never tire of it. 

You nap. I clean. You play. I cook.  

We nap.  We clean.  We play. We cook. Best friends are we. We do everything together. Mama’s best friend. 

You still nap best while in my arms. I never pass up the chance to just sit and be with you; hold you until you fall asleep. These days are fleeting and I will embrace them as long as I can.  I hope you too will always find time to be in my arms, if only for a second. 

Before I know it the sun is setting and our day is slowly ending. Daddy arrives home and I love to see you smile and light up when you see him. He does the same. Watching him with you has made me fall in love with him all over again.  I’m in love with our family.  And I fall deeper every day. 

These eyes

I went to the eye doctor the other day and my trusty sidekick accompanied me.  She was quiet and patient as always, although I think my days of taking her to appointments and her keeping this composure may be slowly coming to an end.

I got lasik eye surgery about 5 or 6 years ago, but I have noticed some blurriness lately; mostly with night driving and things far away.  I’ve noticed the blurry vision more after my essential oil debacle; the oil didn’t cause my vision to worsen I have just been paying attention to it more.  but lo and behold, my vision has worsened; about 20/40 in my right eye, which is pretty significant.  My doctor gave me two options: get an enhancement of my lassie (which won’t be as fun as the first time and because I didn’t keep up my annual appointments would probably cost me just as much) or get glasses.  I opted for the latter.  I will only need them for night time driving and maybe watching tv at night.  I do wish my lasik had lasted longer; but coming from where I was before lasik, I am not doing too bad.  I literally couldn’t see the BIG E on the eye chart.  But I do have to admit I am kind of excited to wear glasses again,  I always liked the way they looked and I picked out a super cute pair; post to follow.

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Waiting patiently with mama

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My little love

I am so very attached to you little one.  You have filled my heart beyond capacity.  Every morning I love to see your smiling face.  You are as excited to see me as I am you.  I never tire of you and I never will.  You are my joy each and every day.  I didn’t know love like this existed.  You are a piece of me; my heart is outside of my body.

I want to protect you, but also let you spread your wings.

I want to teach you, but also let you learn on your own.

I want to serve you, but also let you do things for yourself.

I want to make it all better, but not be overbearing.

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May you always find comfort in my lap.Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetMay you always be happy to see me. Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

May you always feel comfortable and safe with me.Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

May you always enjoy the little things #stopandsmelltherosesProcessed with VSCOcam with t2 presetMay you always have a place in your mama’s arms.

First Cold

My poor baby is sick!!! Waaaa!!

I feel so helpless.  Poor little girl has a cough (although I wish she didn’t, but her cough is so tiny and cute) and a runny nose.

She had a fever last week and I thought maybe she was teething although I didn’t feel a bump, or tooth or anything.  Cold symptoms developed and she had a small rash under her china and on her chest, so we went to the doctor yesterday just to be sure.  The rash was from the teething gel most likely, from her drooling and it running down her chin and chest, and other than that its just a small cold that will run its course.

Nights have been rough for her, so she has been co-sleeping with us just until she feels better.  Another reason I thought she was teething was her night -waking; she hasn’t been sleeping well at night.  AND I haven’t either due to getting up 100 times to shush her or put her pacifier back in (I think we may be breaking her of this bedtime pacifier soon).  Those few nights where she wasn’t sleeping was actually the first time I had really experienced exhaustion from sweet Nora.  Even when she was a newborn she slept pretty good.  I felt like a walking zombie Saturday and Sunday.  Since bringing her into bed with us, both Nora and I have slept much better (daddy can probably sleep through a hurricane).  I am just hoping the transition back to the crib won’t be a fight.


I Got Up for This?

We had to get up early (well earlier than normal for me and Nora) for
Nora’s appointment with the dermatologist. Nora is not a morning person, just like her mama. She looked at dad as he woke her like “what the hell?” I know sweetie, it sucks. And needless to say she was tired for most of the day, just couldn’t catch up on sleep with naps.
The dermatologist said that the spot on her belly and lip was as Dr. Green had suspected, a strawberry hemangioma (harmless, and will go away within a year or so). So that was a relief. Although, I wasn’t too worried. They seemed harmless, and Dr. Green hadn’t seemed too concerned about it, just wanted a second opinion.
After that we went home, had some breakfast, put Nora down and mama went to get a pedicure, yay! Since Nora it’s been rare that I have gotten to do so,etching just for me, by myself, so it was a nice treat (although this is my doing, I have plenty of people that will watch her-but I like leaving her with daddy…for now). But wouldn’t you guess it when I got home I screwed up the polish on my toes. #lifeofamom Oh well, there will be more down the road….sometime.
And a high-five for me, I’ve worked out now 4 days this week. Which didn’t used to be a big deal for me, but since Nora and postpartum healing that’s the most workouts I’ve done in a week. And I’ve felt it, boy have I been sore. But it’s a good sore, gaining back some muscle. My girls at the gym help motivate me and hold me accountable, even if only through Facebook, I’ve mainly been working out at home.
These photos have no relevance to today, she’s just cute.