busy doing nothing

That’s how I have lately; that we have been busy but not doing anything in particular.  Busy enough, that my posts have been a distant memory, it’s been over a week!! Whhhaaaa?!?!?  So I’m doing a re-cap of what have been up to.

I tried to read the paper.


Got a workout in, in our garage gym.  She was thoroughly amused.

We played at the park…it’s been a vey warm start to our fall!

Our little pumpkin family.  That’s me on the left. (haha)


Nora took her first bath in the BIG tub.  Cory doesn’t know how to move out of the light so I can take a decent picture.  Amateur.IMG_1745 IMG_1746

I baked some paleo pumpkin chocolate cookies.  SO GOOD!
IMG_1754 IMG_1755

I also ‘started a new business’, if you can call it that…but more on that later.

It was a busy-ish week and a relaxing weekend while Cory was home.



Everyone says it: kids are sponges.  But I don’t think you truly ‘get it’ until you have one, especially a toddler (eeek, I can’t believe I am the mother of a toddler already!).  Nora sees something or hears something and she tries to imitate it. She learns something new EVERY DAY!  I caught her using a box to try and climb onto to reach/climb onto a table:

She’s also starting to learn to feed herself with a spoon:

All of our neighbors dogs bark, especially when they hear us when we are out on the deck in the backyard…ugh it drives us crazy.  When Nora is out there I say “HUSH!”, I’m sure you can imagine what I say when she isn’t.  But just the other day a dog barked and I hear her sweet little voice say ‘ush’ to hush the dogs!! It was so cute and she now says it any time she hears barking.

She is also SO close to walking.  She’s taking more steps and wanting to walk with us more and more.  I don’t think it will be too much longer before we have a walker, heaven help us!

sign language

I’ve been doing a few signs to Nora to help with our communication.  I’ve learned that babies and toddlers can understand and communicate with non-verbal cues before they can speak.  I think part of babies/toddlers frustrations stem from not being able to communicate their needs and wants and I’ve read how beneficial sign language can be.  And just today Nora finally, officially used one: more! Of course Nora’s first sign is MORE, MORE FOOD!!  She loves to eat. I’ve been signing it for a long time during mealtime and today she clearly signed it.

She has also been kind of doing ‘all done’ when done eating, but we are still working on it.  Nora is so smart and I know she will pick up more sign language quickly, I better start studying!

Pool Days

Summers in Wyoming are hot!  Short, but hot.  So we set up a pool for little miss in the backyard; next to a tree with an umbrella to keep the scorching sun off her, it was quite the set up.  I wasn’t sure if she would like the cooler water, but she LOVED it!

_MG_7717 copy

It was so warm we didn’t even bother with the swimsuit; just put on a swim diaper and let her go!  She crawled around, stood at the edge and picked leaves, splashed; she even fell over soaking herself and didn’t even flinch!  I think we have a water baby on our hands.  I think swimming lessons are in our future.


I see many more summer days spent in our ‘cabana pool’.

Home Video: My tiny dancer

Miss Nora has become quite the music enthusiast just like her mama and daddy.  She will be introduced to a wide arrange of music because Cory and I listen to (mostly) completely different music; him: old country (bleh), and me: indie, hip-hop, a pretty varied genre (minus country & heavy metal).

Here Nora is dancing away.  Every time I put on music, she starts boppin’ her little head, I just love it!!