The other day I met up with one of my best gal pals for breakfast, coffee and play time for Nora. My friend Stephanie and I were both pregnant at the same time and had our babies just 5 weeks apart so our kids are destined to be best buddies!

It was so nice to catch up with a friend and have our little ones play together.  Since Nora isn’t in daycare she doesn’t get much interaction with toddlers, other than at Vibes, so it’s good for her to play with someone other than me!

Nora had a lot of fun playing on Wyatt’s airplane.

Wyatt had even more fun pushing Nora around on the airplane!


Ladies Night

Last night I had a few of my Crossfit gals over for dinner and craft night.  Needless to say all we did was eat and chat, no crafts were done, but it was such a good time.  Since having Nora, and frankly even before then, I’ve been quite a hermit, so it was nice to socially interact with some great women who all bring something different to the table, literally and figuratively.  It was nice to catch up and talk with adults, since my life has been consumed by an infant lately.  That filled my socialization duties for the week. 😉

By 9pm though, Nora had had enough.  Either too much interaction or she didn’t feel well because she let loose!  Luckily my wonderful friends cleaned up, which was a big load off of back.

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