Give a girl a bone

We have a cranky, teething girl on our hands. Just after her front top teeth cut and she saw some relief, her eye teeth  started coming in. Poor girl!! She is such a happy & content little girl most of the time, but these darn teeth are getting the best of her. She’s never really been into teethers, but give this girl a bone and she’s in ‘chicken heaven’.

I hope these teeth cut soon and give me and her some relief!!



Crossfit, vibes, teething

We had it all going on today. 

I made it to the gym…yay!

My amazing friend sat with Nora my entire workout, I had a cheering squad. Nora did so great sitting so quiet and patiently. I’m hoping to keep that up!

Then we had vibes this afternoon. I don’t know if it was something in the air but basically EVERY kid in the class was whiny and cranky. 

Nora sat in this thing for about 20 seconds. She wasn’t too sure about it and a little cranky herself, because teeth. Poor girl is finally getting her top teeth (I’ve been blaming teething for past crankiness but they are finally emerging). Sleep has been hit or miss lately; she’s a drooling, runny nose little girl and I hope these teeth cut through soon, more so for her sake. 

well on her way

Little Miss is getting braver and stronger with walking.  She isn’t completely on her own but she is well on her way!  She’s always grabbing our hands to lead her around and taking steps in between pieces of furniture.  Anytime she is standing, she will usually take off, walking like the cutest little weeble wobble.  I think she gets a little frustrated with falling all the time, but who wouldn’t!?!  If you fell on your bum every time you took a step I think you’d feel a little defeated too.  But she has persistence and keeps getting back up!  We try and celebrate every time she takes a lot of steps so she keeps wanting to do it.  I’m ready for her to walk.  Yes she’ll be a little quicker (she’s a pretty speedy crawler anyway), but going places where she wants to crawl and I’d rather not have her hands all over the dirty floor will be a plus when she can walk.

My baby isn’t a baby anymore.  She’s a (almost)walking, talking, toddler.  Wait for it…


Nora is a pretty good girl.  Se doesn’t cry, fuss or throw tantrums much.  BUT I would like to know how she LEARNED to throw a tantrum.  I mean, I didn’t teach her to stomp her feet and throw her head back when she doesn’t get her way!! Is this instinctual?  Are we born to know how to throw a tissy when we aren’t allowed to crawl inside the fridge, or are told ‘no’, or when we just DON”T WANNA!!

She is officially a toddler who knows how to throw a tantrum.  Luckily (for now), these don’t happen often…but I know TODZILLA will be coming around these parts and I would just rather not.

Here’s an adorable photo of Nora NOT throwing a tantrum when we went to lunch the other day.



Everyone says it: kids are sponges.  But I don’t think you truly ‘get it’ until you have one, especially a toddler (eeek, I can’t believe I am the mother of a toddler already!).  Nora sees something or hears something and she tries to imitate it. She learns something new EVERY DAY!  I caught her using a box to try and climb onto to reach/climb onto a table:

She’s also starting to learn to feed herself with a spoon:

All of our neighbors dogs bark, especially when they hear us when we are out on the deck in the backyard…ugh it drives us crazy.  When Nora is out there I say “HUSH!”, I’m sure you can imagine what I say when she isn’t.  But just the other day a dog barked and I hear her sweet little voice say ‘ush’ to hush the dogs!! It was so cute and she now says it any time she hears barking.

She is also SO close to walking.  She’s taking more steps and wanting to walk with us more and more.  I don’t think it will be too much longer before we have a walker, heaven help us!


I’ve been working with Nora and sleep training for about 3 weeks now.  After over four months of getting up practically EVERY night EVERY two hours, I had had enough.  I was tired, exhausted and frustrated and I think Nora was too.  It really is amazing how much sleep affects everything: your health; physically and mentally, mood, stress.  If your sleep, over time, isn’t restorative it can really take a toll on your well-being.  Sleep is good for the body, mind and soul.  It’s when your body rests, recovers and repairs.  So something had to be done before my frustrations got the best of me.

As I learned from the Baby Sleep Site, Nora was using nursing as a sleep association and couldn’t get back to sleep without it.  Nicole (the founder of the Baby sleep Site) made an analogy that made perfect sense, “Imagine waking up in the middle of the night [as we all do] and your pillow is gone. You can’t get to sleep without it, or else it takes a long time to do so” (paraphrased).  Nora was using me (nursing) as her ‘pillow’.

First I had to break the sleep association of nursing, and then I had to ‘train’ her to get herself to sleep so she could put herself back to sleep in the middle of night during a night waking.

Breaking the nursing part wasn’t too bad and actually, neither was the sleep training.  The premise is to put your baby awake, so she can fall asleep on her own (which I had always been putting her in her crib, asleep after nursing).  The first night she cried for about an hour, with me checking on her every 10 minutes or so.  The second night she cried for about 20 minutes, then 5 minutes, then less and NOW she doesn’t even cry when I lie her down for bed!!!  I got her a little crib aquarium that she likes to watch before she falls asleep.  Sometimes she plays with it, but within 10 minutes she is conked out!

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to lie my baby down, without tears, and have her put herself to sleep.  PLUS, now I am getting to spend more time in the evening with Cory since I am not spending, sometimes an hour, rocking Nora to sleep.  It’s nice to have a little time to ourselves in the evening, even if it sometimes just to watch tv together.

And even this evening Cory put Nora to bed for the first time.  Since I’ve been nursing her to sleep I’ve always been the one to lie her down for bed, but Cory did it tonight and it went just fine.  No crying or anything.  I think maybe I was needing it more than her.  Especially with Nora’s first birthday around the corner, I’m feeling I want her to want and need me more.  My baby is growing fast.  Everyone’s cliche saying that ‘it goes fast’ is SO true and bittersweet.  Of course I am excited for all the things to come, but I still get a little teary-eyed knowing my baby will be one soon and getting so big and won’t need me for everything, because I will always need her.

I can’t always put her down!
Snuggling with her bear