The Discovery Center

I took Nora to a local art museum, the Nicolaysen, that has a children’s area called the Discovery Center.  We had a lot of fun!

Some of Nora’s favorite things were the play sand, the magnet fractals, and the chairs.  She loved the ‘pint size chairs’ that were just her size.

I see us going back to the gallery to have a little play time outside of the house.  It’s good for us to get out and it helps Nora burn some energy.  She slept so good for her afternoon nap.


PS.  I started another blog (I know, I can barely post on this one).  But I wanted to start one that was more for my crafting, crossfitting, cooking, part of life and leave this one to be my family life.  IF you would like to check it out, please do:, I haven’t posted anything yet, I just got it started.


Pom poms and pipe cleaners 

 I’m always looking for a new and fun activity for me and Nora to do! So while at Hobby Lobby the other day, (speaking of HL it is nearly impossible to not spend ALL THE MONIES there. I mean, if I bought everything I said ‘oh that’s cute’ to, half of these store would be gone.). Anyway, got sidetracked, while at HL I picked up some pipe cleaners, colored Pom poms and a feather boa-Nora is obsessed with putting things around her neck so we thought she needed a boa, who doesn’t really!?!  

Nora has had SO much fun playing with the pipe cleaners and Pom poms. 
What a goofy girl!  
Princess coming through, watch out!  

Some of the best things about these were:

  • They are quiet!! Hallelujah!
  • You can get many uses out of them and do so many different things with them!! I shaped the pipe cleaners into all sorts of objects, used an egg carton to sort the pom poms,  endless possibilities!
  • They are soft: i.e. It’s not like stepping on a thorn! I swear every room in our house has at least ONE you laying on the floor and we are bound to step on it. These are literally like stepping on a fluffy cloud!
  • Cheapest toy I’ve bought!

These have been a big hit and Nora is STILL playing with it all after a few days! Winning!

A-maze-ing Day


Yesterday we went to the ‘Green Acres Corn Maze’, about 15 miles out of town.  I had never been before and thought it would be a fun activity to take Nora to and we invited some cousins to join in on the fun too!

Nora’s cousins Isabell and Emma.  The girls were so cute sitting at this pint size picnic table while we ate some lunch.

There was a big ‘corn pit’ filled with dried corn that the kids could play in (kind of like a big sensory bin!)  The older girls really loved jumping around in it.  Nora played with it a bit and was done.  I think she liked watching the other kids play in it more.  She’s pretty observant and loves watching kids anywhere we go.  It was pretty darn hot out too, probably around 90, it definitely didn’t feel like fall!  Too hot for me, I am ready for cool weather.   But we stuck it out and still tried to enjoy our time._MG_8132 _MG_8134

We walked through the corn maze to get to the petting zoo and a big air pillow to jump on.  I didn’t get any pictures because I took Emma on it to jump and I’m the photographer in the family.  But the farm did a pretty amazing job on that one!  It was made out of the material that the ‘bouncy houses’ are made of and they dug a huge hole in the ground to put it in so you could walk right on to it from the ground.  It was pumped full of air and HUGE!  It was basically like a huge trampoline and really fun to jump on, I’m excited to take Nora back to it next year!

Rice Sensory Bin

We tried another great activity from ‘Fun at Home with Kids’, this time it was rice play.  Sensory play, as defined on pbs.orgSensory play includes any activity that stimulates your young child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Sensory activities and sensory tables facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. Spending time stimulating their senses helps children develop cognitively, linguistically, socially and emotionally, physically and creatively.

Fill a tub/pan or whatever you have lying around with some rice and other fun things to explore.  I put in large uncooked noodles, a small tin, spoon, salad fork and teether.  Nora loved the feel of the rice and exploring all the treasures hidden in it.
_MG_8079 _MG_8080 _MG_8081

She’s even figuring out how to spoon the rice into the pan!_MG_8083 _MG_8085

What is this stuff??  Its so cool!

At first I thought I got too big of a bin, Nope!  Just the right size to climb into, why not!?!_MG_8093 _MG_8095 _MG_8097

Yum, uncooked noodles!  And yes, she did eat some of the uncooked rice.

It was a little dusty…_MG_8100 _MG_8103Nora had so much fun, we will definitely be dragging out the bin again.  I just left it filled with rice and all the goodies and slid it under the couch for next time!

pumpkin play clay

I found another awesome activity on Pinterest: Pumpkin Play Clay.  First off let me tell you, the mama at ‘Fun at Home with Kids‘ has SO many fun activities (that was where I got the soap fun and liquid solid activity).  Its great!  Check it out if you have kiddos and looking for something fun to do with them.

Today we tried out the clay and let me just say Nora likes to eat, a  lot….so that’s basically all she wanted to do with the clay.  Luckily it’s safe to eat (it is just canned pumpkin and cornstarch), but I think she wanted to and would’ve eaten the whole ball of clay had I let her.  So needless to say, that activity might be shelved for awhile. At least until her appetite dies down or when the ‘put everything I find in my mouth’ phase goes away.  But the clay was cool!  It had the liquid feel on your hands, but dried instantly the way cornstarch does and it smelled good too, so it’s definitely something we will try again.


Straight to the mouth…_MG_8041 _MG_8042 _MG_8043Until next time pumpkin play clay…

Liquid solid

Nora and I tried out another activity with sensory play.  Cornstarch and water.  I got the idea off of Pinterest (where else) and thought it would be another fun activity to do.

All you do is mix cornstarch with a little bit of water to get a thick paste and that’s it!  You don’t want the mixture to be too watery so err on the side of too little water.  Once I started mixing this and felt the texture I actually remembered making this mixture in a junior high since class!!

If you’ve never made this and felt the texture….its awesome!!!  I think I may have played with it just as much, if not more than Nora. iLiquid solid was the best way I could think to describe it.  It looks like a liquid but when you squeeze it or press hard on it it acts like a solid, then immediately goes to its liquid form.  Run your finger of it quickly and it glides over the top, but run your finger through it slowly and it feels like a liquid.  It makes a slight mess, but it dries like powder and sloughs off, so it wasn’t that bad.

Apparently Nora wanted to try and get her whole body in it.

Nora really liked it!!

We got messy and had fun.

Another activity that we will be doing again.

Monet in the making

I saw a neat idea on Pinterest (go figure) to make a keepsake for baby’s first birthday.  On Pinterest they taped a one on the canvas and then splotched paint on it and let baby have it.  I decided since I have a Cricut cutting machine I would cut out the word ‘one’ and then let Nora paint it.  I think I am going to do one every year until Nora doesn’t find it fun anymore.  Some I will do the number and others I will do the word as we did here.  It will make a cute keepsake and collage wall for a playroom (someday).

You can’t really see the cut out of the ‘one’ but it’s on there.  Then I splotched some pretty paint on it.

Cory had to help her try it out first because she wasn’t too sure what it was.  And since it was acrylic paint I wanted him to be there to make sure she didn’t try and taste it!  Next painting session I am going to try edible paints.

It didn’t take her long to figure it out and start smearing the paint around and these colors look so good together!

My little Monet.
_MG_7898We all ended up with a little bit of paint on us but it was so fun!  She we straight to the tub after this, and somehow I still have a few smears of paint on my leg.

Here is the finished product!