Pom poms and pipe cleaners 

 I’m always looking for a new and fun activity for me and Nora to do! So while at Hobby Lobby the other day, (speaking of HL it is nearly impossible to not spend ALL THE MONIES there. I mean, if I bought everything I said ‘oh that’s cute’ to, half of these store would be gone.). Anyway, got sidetracked, while at HL I picked up some pipe cleaners, colored Pom poms and a feather boa-Nora is obsessed with putting things around her neck so we thought she needed a boa, who doesn’t really!?!  

Nora has had SO much fun playing with the pipe cleaners and Pom poms. 
What a goofy girl!  
Princess coming through, watch out!  

Some of the best things about these were:

  • They are quiet!! Hallelujah!
  • You can get many uses out of them and do so many different things with them!! I shaped the pipe cleaners into all sorts of objects, used an egg carton to sort the pom poms,  endless possibilities!
  • They are soft: i.e. It’s not like stepping on a thorn! I swear every room in our house has at least ONE you laying on the floor and we are bound to step on it. These are literally like stepping on a fluffy cloud!
  • Cheapest toy I’ve bought!

These have been a big hit and Nora is STILL playing with it all after a few days! Winning!


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