{“Looking back…on all the memories of…”  Wow, I never listen to country, but when I typed ‘looking back’, Garth Brooks’ song ‘The Dance’ just popped in my head.}

Anyway, that was no where near where I was headed with this post.  My mom came over the other day and had brought over a piece of my childhood I had requested because I wanted to pass it on to Nora.  My Little Pony plate.  I loved eating off of this, and I wanted to pass that love on.  This plate is 31 years old…it even has 1984 printed on it.  Wow.

I’m sure its not BPA-free, or gluten free or whatever else we aren’t supposed to consume anymore (or what has NOW been discovered to be ‘bad’ for you) but its special to me and hopefully special to Nora.  I just won’t be microwaving those little ponies.

Nora enjoying her first meal on her pony plate.  And I had to post that second one, because, that face!

IMG_1678 IMG_1679

Nora’s so cool she eats off of a vintage plate.  She’s also wearing one of my ‘vintage’ t-shirts under that bib.

Can I still call it vintage if it was mine??  Am I an antique?  Ok, ok.  I know I am not that old.  A few months away from 32, and I don’t feel old(er).  But sometimes I am reminded of it: seeing FB posts of a girl I used to babysit at the bar, watching my niece and nephew do the nae nae dance and saying ‘what does nae nae even  mean?’ (and I just had to google if it was nay nay, or nae nae), not being able to stay out past 10, you know, those kinds of things.


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