pumpkin play clay

I found another awesome activity on Pinterest: Pumpkin Play Clay.  First off let me tell you, the mama at ‘Fun at Home with Kids‘ has SO many fun activities (that was where I got the soap fun and liquid solid activity).  Its great!  Check it out if you have kiddos and looking for something fun to do with them.

Today we tried out the clay and let me just say Nora likes to eat, a  lot….so that’s basically all she wanted to do with the clay.  Luckily it’s safe to eat (it is just canned pumpkin and cornstarch), but I think she wanted to and would’ve eaten the whole ball of clay had I let her.  So needless to say, that activity might be shelved for awhile. At least until her appetite dies down or when the ‘put everything I find in my mouth’ phase goes away.  But the clay was cool!  It had the liquid feel on your hands, but dried instantly the way cornstarch does and it smelled good too, so it’s definitely something we will try again.


Straight to the mouth…_MG_8041 _MG_8042 _MG_8043Until next time pumpkin play clay…


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