Making it work

So I have been a little MIA lately.  We haven’t necessarily been doing much or anything in particular but Cory has been working out of town. And let me tell you, I have MUCH respect for single mothers.  And I know what I am dealing with doesn’t even compare to being a single mom.  Props to all of you single mamas out there, you rock!

Cory’s line of work (welder), would usually demand him working out of town.  Fortunately for the majority of our relationship and marriage he has been able to come home every night.  This may be coming to end.  Work here in Wyoming isn’t as hopping as it once was with oil prices being so low, so you gotta take work where you can get it. We’ve decided that for the next year or so Cory will work when and where he can so we can save up money for a new home…our forever home.  Do it now while Nora is younger (she won’t remember it) and when we have the money saved up he can get a more secure job closer to home, maybe making less, but he will be home every night, in our dream home, and we all will be together and happy. So, for the time being, we are all toughing it out.

I gotta tell you, I didn’t realize how helpful those couple of hours after Cory got off work were!  He could entertain her while I cooked dinner, get her ready for bed or just play with her for awhile while I got some things done.  Nora is a momma’s girl for sure, and its really hard to cook dinner while you’re holding a 19 pound one year old.  But we are doing all right and I know it won’t last forever!

I have nothing but love and appreciation for how hard Cory works for us.  He is the best father and husband we could ever ask for.

IMG_1121That moment when she hugged me so tightly I had to sneak a picture.



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