Nora is a pretty good girl.  Se doesn’t cry, fuss or throw tantrums much.  BUT I would like to know how she LEARNED to throw a tantrum.  I mean, I didn’t teach her to stomp her feet and throw her head back when she doesn’t get her way!! Is this instinctual?  Are we born to know how to throw a tissy when we aren’t allowed to crawl inside the fridge, or are told ‘no’, or when we just DON”T WANNA!!

She is officially a toddler who knows how to throw a tantrum.  Luckily (for now), these don’t happen often…but I know TODZILLA will be coming around these parts and I would just rather not.

Here’s an adorable photo of Nora NOT throwing a tantrum when we went to lunch the other day.



2 thoughts on “tantrum

  1. Todzilla! My new favorite term. Tantrums suck. Have you read the happiest toddler on the block? I swear it helped me manage our oldest through this. Who knows if it prevented worse behavior – I like to think it did. Best of luck!

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