Zucchini Boats

Another hodge podge, use up stuff in the refrigerator kind of recipe!  I had 2 large zucchinis that a friend had given us from her garden, some deer meat, a yellow bell pepper and about 1/4 bag of baby carrot that needed to be used ASAP.  I HATE throwing out food, so I try to do my best to use it before it it spoils.
I’m not a huge fan of the big zucchinis.  Yeah, they are big and awesome to say you grew them, but they don’t taste as good as smaller ones and are FULL of seeds.  But I thought they would work well filled with some goodness.  So I cut them in half an removed seeds, drizzled some garlic olive oil over the cut side and seasoned with salt and pepper.  I roasted them in the oven (375F) for a little bit before filling them to be sure they were cooked all the way through and to get some yummy roasted flavor into them.

Start a pot with water for rice, as this will be added to the filling.  I used wild rice.  Use whatever rice you like and prepare it as instructed.

My sous chef was there to help too!

While the zucchinis were roasting I prepared the filling.  Saute some diced onion, the chopped up carrots and bell pepper in olive oil/butter and season with salt and pepper.  Once soft, add your choice of ground meat.  I did ground venison and venison sausage.  Season your meat however you like: salt and pepper and garlic powder was my choice.    After the meat was cooked all the way through and the rice was done I added the rice to the meat mixture, along with some salt and pepper, more garlic powder, some freshly grated parmesan and cheddar cheese.

Now remove the zucchinis from the oven, fill with mixture, top with some more parmesan and throw those babies in the oven until cheese is melted.


6 thoughts on “Zucchini Boats

      1. At least here in Europe there seems to be a problem with pumpkins and zucchinis from the garden. The summer wasn’t the best and they can accumulate toxins pretty well, especially if they grow near a street or close to the city. And those toxins are deadly. So… If the food tastes a bit bitter, throw it away and try to vomit 😉


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