Everyone says it: kids are sponges.  But I don’t think you truly ‘get it’ until you have one, especially a toddler (eeek, I can’t believe I am the mother of a toddler already!).  Nora sees something or hears something and she tries to imitate it. She learns something new EVERY DAY!  I caught her using a box to try and climb onto to reach/climb onto a table:

She’s also starting to learn to feed herself with a spoon:

All of our neighbors dogs bark, especially when they hear us when we are out on the deck in the backyard…ugh it drives us crazy.  When Nora is out there I say “HUSH!”, I’m sure you can imagine what I say when she isn’t.  But just the other day a dog barked and I hear her sweet little voice say ‘ush’ to hush the dogs!! It was so cute and she now says it any time she hears barking.

She is also SO close to walking.  She’s taking more steps and wanting to walk with us more and more.  I don’t think it will be too much longer before we have a walker, heaven help us!


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