Nora’s first birthday party

Yesterday was sweet Nora’s 1st birthday party!  We were afraid we might have to cancel as she had a fever the day before and was not feeling well at all.  So Saturday night, I did NO prepping in case this happened.  But my little sunshine woke up feeling a little better (not 100%), so we decided to go forth with the festivities.

Sweet angel.


She was also known as ‘the karate kid’ and ‘rambo’ that day, but she totally pulled off the headband.  This girl has style!_MG_7967

I printed almost 150 pictures from my Instagram account using Social Print Studio.  I loved how they turned out!  I didn’t have enough room to hang ALL of them, so I tried to choose some of my favorites, which of course was difficult, but I would’ve had the rooms practically wallpapered with photos and I was running out of time since I didn’t prep or decorate the night before.


I made the ‘Nora is 1’ pendant banner.


More photos.


And…another photo of photos.


My amazing friend designed and printed this out.  It turned out so amazing and I was so grateful that she did this for us.  What a sweet keepsake.  Thanks Byanca!


I encased Nora’s hospital outfit in a shadow box *tear*.  It was so tiny!!  I think I am going to hang this in her room.

More decor.


Fruit cups.  These turned out really good!  I used a paleo sugar cookie recipe, filled with cream cheese mixed with whip cream and topped with fruit.  Yum!


Veggie rainbow!  This had a yummy dip of cream cheese, sour cream and pesto.  I also made cucumber cups filled with this same mixture.  Also on the menu was meatballs, nectarine wrapped in prosciutto and topped with a blackberry, fruit skewers, and kielbasa sausage roasted with pineapple. ALL of the food was gone, I either didn’t make enough or it was really good; I’ll go with the latter. (Most of these recipes are on my Pinterest board (follow me!), under the ‘one’ board.)


And the cake! It turned out so great (recipe on my Pinterest)!  I also made the topper for it.

_MG_7971So Nora wasn’t too into the smashing of the cake.  Or even taking one bite for that matter.  Who would with 20 people staring at you?!?!  So we took a few photos and moved on to the presents.


Nora got so many great presents!!  Puzzles, books, clothes, blocks, musical toys.  She didn’t have a whole lot of time to play with them, so we spent most of today doing that.  Although today she still isn’t feeling to great, I think its those darn teeth!  So we snuggled, and napped and relaxed most of the day.  It was nice.

Nora’s 1st birthday and party were a success.  She is loved by so many and nothing makes me happier to know that she is surrounded by so many great people, both friends and family.  Thank you to everyone that helped make it so special!


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