one year old

It’s official. Nora is one. And I didn’t even cry.   I cannot believe my baby is one.  A toddler, no longer a baby.  This year went so fast.  It was the best year ever!

one year old

Nora woke up to her birthday present from me and her dad. We made this play tent for her, I made the felt balm garland to decorate it and we filled it with balloons for to wake up to on her birthday. IMG_0525

She loved it.

IMG_0526 IMG_0528 _MG_7915 _MG_7917 _MG_7920 _MG_7924  _MG_7937

After playing in the tent, breakfast and nap we thought it would be fun to take Nora to the Science Zone for some fun activities. We had never been there before and there was lots of things for Nora to explore. We will definitely be going back.

IMG_0545  IMG_0547 IMG_0548

IMG_0552 _MG_7946


After the Science Zone we headed out to lunch. Nora got her very own lunch plate: soup and a sandwich.

 Then it was home for some rest and we cooked Nora’s favorite for dinner: ribs!  (Well, any meat really is her favorite), but she sure loved to gnaw on the rib bone!

I made Nora a little pie for her birthday since she’ll be having her smash cake on Saturday.  She enjoyed every bite of dinner and dessert and it wasn’t long before she was ready for bed.

It was such a fun filled and special day for our little sunshine. Happy first birthday my darling!


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