Monet in the making

I saw a neat idea on Pinterest (go figure) to make a keepsake for baby’s first birthday.  On Pinterest they taped a one on the canvas and then splotched paint on it and let baby have it.  I decided since I have a Cricut cutting machine I would cut out the word ‘one’ and then let Nora paint it.  I think I am going to do one every year until Nora doesn’t find it fun anymore.  Some I will do the number and others I will do the word as we did here.  It will make a cute keepsake and collage wall for a playroom (someday).

You can’t really see the cut out of the ‘one’ but it’s on there.  Then I splotched some pretty paint on it.

Cory had to help her try it out first because she wasn’t too sure what it was.  And since it was acrylic paint I wanted him to be there to make sure she didn’t try and taste it!  Next painting session I am going to try edible paints.

It didn’t take her long to figure it out and start smearing the paint around and these colors look so good together!

My little Monet.
_MG_7898We all ended up with a little bit of paint on us but it was so fun!  She we straight to the tub after this, and somehow I still have a few smears of paint on my leg.

Here is the finished product!



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