i do it

Nora just discovered how to suck through a straw and her pouches!!  Man this girl learns fast.  We typically gave her the pouch puree on a spoon.  I would try every now and again to hold it to her mouth, where she wouldn’t quite know what to do with it.  But just the other day she figured it out and sucked down a whole pouch with joy!!

She is getting more independent with each and every passing day!
IMG_0017She even slurped down some yummy fresh lemonade through a straw that we got at the fair that’s in town.  We were hoping to take her to the petting zoo, but apparently this year they couldn’t get it because of insurance issues….ho-hum.  We will try again next year!  But we did have fun walking around and looking at all the rides and games.  We finished off with some lunch and a funnel cake!  I’m excited to take Nora back next year when she can enjoy it a little more and maybe ride some rides.  I always loved the fair when I was younger and looked forward to it every year!


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