weekend recap

Saturday evening a friend of our was having a BBQ for some friends whose birthdays are in June. It was all my friends from the gym who I don’t see too often anymore so it was nice to catch up and be with friends on a nice summer evening. 

Good daddy’s right there!


Nora enjoying her time with all her boyfriends (look hey are entranced by her) and me enjoying my time with all my Crossfit mamas.  

Then on Sunday  we celebrated Cory’s first Father’s Day! We started off with a yummy breakfast, then after Nora’s nap we headed up the mountain for a little picnic. 


The weather was beautiful and we were enjoying the cooler air up on top of the mountain!  It was Nora’s first time on the mountain too!

We ended the evening with a steak dinner, that Nora enjoyed just as much as her daddy. And Cory said it was a Father’s Day he’ll never forget!

I’m glad we made it memorable for him because he sure deserves it. He works so hard so I can stay home with Nora and then when we gets home exhausted he still has energy to play with our sunshine. He’s the best dad anyone could ask for and we love him more every day!


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