Today we went to a music class at Vibes!  I had signed up Nora a few months ago for a summer Kindermusik class and today was our first day.  Cory was off of work so he got to come too!!  This is a weekly class for the month of June but I think I may want to sign Nora up for a membership.  It was a lot of fun and I think Nora will learn and develop a lot from it.  Plus it is good for Nora and I to get out and meet new people.

The teachers, Miss Amy and Miss Kelsey, are amazing and so sweet and they really focus on learning while playing; doing sign language, tapping to the beat to learn rhythm, bubbles for tracking.  Nora got to play with bells and drums, scarves and a parachute!IMG_0006

Here she is playing on the drums with another little girl in the class (the first baby she has ever met with as much hair as her!!)  I think it will be really good for her to interact with other babies.  They all played so nicely together.IMG_0005There were three other girls and one boy in the class.  All of them got along great and no one had a breakdown!  The instructors were impressed with how well all the babies did.

Here’s a video of us walking and bouncing to the beat, and the instructors say STOP while doing the sign for stop.

We can’t wait to see what the next class will bring!


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