busy weekend

This past weekend was busy for us.  We had a 1st birthday celebration for our friend Wyatt.  I had about 3 other friends that were pregnant when I was and all of our babies were born within 2 months, so there will be lots of first birthdays coming up.  I’m already starting to plan Nora’s.  I am so excited yet a little sad that my baby is growing up so fast.  A YEAR!  Wow, I can’t believe it.  I year in itself seems so long, yet it has gone by SO FAST!

Nora and I headed downtown to a local toy store, Toy Town,  to pick up something for Wyatt.  This store is amazing and filled to the brim with fun and unique toys,

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Nora also picked up a little something at the toy store.

Then later that evening we went over to grandma Janet’s house for a BBQ and relaxed in her beautiful backyard; so many trees, flowers, foliage and a creek running through it!

On Sunday we went to NICfest, which is an annual event here with many yummy food vendors (we enjoyed some great Greek food and fresh lemonade), artists displaying and selling their amazing art (the only thing we ended up buying was a cute little Mexican dress for Nora, go figure), live music and we got our feet wet at a nearby splash pad to cool down.  It was a fun little event that we enjoy every year.



last vibes

We had our last day of summer camp at Vibes KIndermusik.  I’m bummed its our last day, but we have decided that we are going to sign back up in the fall, and that curriculum basically lasts through the school year, so we have that to look forward to!

Today we played with balls


Played with lots of shakers and bells.




And had lots of fun with the parachute.


We are happy for the friends we met and hope to see them again in the fall!  This was such a good experience for both of us.  Nora even remembered one of the songs we sang because she was ready to do some of the motions!  I think these classes will help her so much developmentally and socially; plus they are so much fun!

After we got home from Vibes and had lunch we played a bit in the pool to cool down.


Nora is really enjoying her pool time!IMG_7034

More vibes

Nora and I had another exciting time at Vibes Kindermusik today, lots of dancing and singing. 

The instructors brought out fun shakers that all made different sounds. 


Then Miss Kelsey played the flute!

  Some basket time:

  It’s so cute to watch all the little ones sitting contently and being pulled around the room: what a life!

It was craft too (my favorite). We made tambourines and Nora really liked hers. They were fun and easy to make!


weekend recap

Saturday evening a friend of our was having a BBQ for some friends whose birthdays are in June. It was all my friends from the gym who I don’t see too often anymore so it was nice to catch up and be with friends on a nice summer evening. 

Good daddy’s right there!


Nora enjoying her time with all her boyfriends (look hey are entranced by her) and me enjoying my time with all my Crossfit mamas.  

Then on Sunday  we celebrated Cory’s first Father’s Day! We started off with a yummy breakfast, then after Nora’s nap we headed up the mountain for a little picnic. 


The weather was beautiful and we were enjoying the cooler air up on top of the mountain!  It was Nora’s first time on the mountain too!

We ended the evening with a steak dinner, that Nora enjoyed just as much as her daddy. And Cory said it was a Father’s Day he’ll never forget!

I’m glad we made it memorable for him because he sure deserves it. He works so hard so I can stay home with Nora and then when we gets home exhausted he still has energy to play with our sunshine. He’s the best dad anyone could ask for and we love him more every day!


Nora and I made a trip to the park today to enjoy the weather and have a picnic.  My mom even joined us for a little bit.



It was an impromptu lunch (I had intentions of going to the gym, but Nora took a long nap and this sounded more fun).  So I picked up some Panchos- steak quesadilla, rice and beans-for Nora and I to share on our blanket




Despite this face, she enjoyed her lunch and had a fun time playing with grass and sticks and just enjoying being outside.








And look at this outfit, seriously the cutest.  This girl dresses better than me!

My little girl and I had such a nice and relaxing time at the park; many more picnics to come!!

Pool Days

Summers in Wyoming are hot!  Short, but hot.  So we set up a pool for little miss in the backyard; next to a tree with an umbrella to keep the scorching sun off her, it was quite the set up.  I wasn’t sure if she would like the cooler water, but she LOVED it!

_MG_7717 copy

It was so warm we didn’t even bother with the swimsuit; just put on a swim diaper and let her go!  She crawled around, stood at the edge and picked leaves, splashed; she even fell over soaking herself and didn’t even flinch!  I think we have a water baby on our hands.  I think swimming lessons are in our future.


I see many more summer days spent in our ‘cabana pool’.