Next up: Walking

We recently got little miss a walker (I’m a big fan of wooden toys and just love this walker I found on Amazon- wooden toys last, and don’t have batteries and lights and sounds and what not).  I thought I should wait until her birthday to buy this, amongst the many other things I can’t help but buy for her, but until she really knows its her birthday I figure it doesn’t matter.  Plus she has been pulling herself up to standing almost any chance she gets so I figure this is the next step and it seems that she is ready for it.

She really likes her new toy!!  It has so many fun things on, plus she can cart around her toys in it.IMG_5783

As soon as she got it, she started pulling herself up to standing with it, and has already taken a few steps with it (see video below).IMG_5790

And its also fun to sit in…especially when I push her around in it and parade her like the little princess that she is.

Here she is pulling herself up, taking a few steps, then taking a tumble.


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