lost soul

Photo on 5-23-15 at 1.46 PMThis is me.

Lying on the couch.

By myself.

In an empty house.

I’ve never been in our home without Nora and I LITERALLY don’t know what to do with myself.  I left Nora with her daddy so I could go help my mom pack, and while I was gone he left to go help his mom pack (everyone is moving around here!).  And let me tell you coming back to an empty home is the STRANGEST feeling ever!

People said ‘enjoy it’, ‘do something you couldn’t normally do’, the thing is I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!  I am lost with out my little girl climbing on me like I am a jungle gym, crawling and following me around like my little puppy and repeating ‘yeah’ every time I say it.  I know it’s only for a brief moment, but I still feel like I am missing a limb!  Especially since I’ve never been home without her, in her whole 9 1/2 months of life.

So I here I sit, doing some ‘catching’ up on the world wide web, waiting for my little sweet to get home.

I’ll do my best to ‘enjoy’ this time, but frankly I enjoy my time better with her around.


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