messy hair don’t care

As anyone that knows Nora or follows this blog knows that Nora was born with a head of hair; luscious dark locks.  When people first meet her it’s one of the first things they say, “Look at all that hair!!”  And while it’s lightening up quite a bit, it’s growing faster than ever.  If I don’t pull it up into a ponytail it’s in her eyes constantly.


She has a natural ombre; dark at the ends and light at the root.  I have to admit I’m a little sad at how light it’s getting.  I wanted her to be a dark brunette like me!!  But who knows it may change over the years and she is still as beautiful as ever!

Love this face.


Pigtails!!! My little pup.


Nora’s first top knot.

_MG_7550How cute is that?!?!

IMG_5527 IMG_5534Nora’s first chignon/french twist (attempt-it’s hard to gather all those fine, baby hairs!).


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