Little Miss Grown Up

Nora has decided to accomplish everything in a week. No joke.

She’s officially crawling, ie. I cannot leave her alone for a second, baby gate is up, outlets are plugged and mama is freaking out.

She’s cut a tooth; and none too happy about it.

She’s discovered that the sippy cup she’s been gnawing on actually has something to drink in it.

She can turn the page while reading of you prompt her.

I mean, she’s practically walking, riding a bike, going to school and moving out. Waaaaaa!!! (That’s me, not her)


2 thoughts on “Little Miss Grown Up

  1. She is adorable and getting so big. Ugh as much as I hate seeing Wolverine grow, I love it. I love discovering new things with him and that personality. I would have to stop myself from saying “I can’t wait till” to “I look forward to”. However, I can’t wait to get to you guys this weekend, it’s always a sweet treat 🙂

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    1. Awww thanks. And I find myself saying ‘I can’t wait’ a lot too, but I CAN wait, just excited for what’s to come along with enjoying the moment. Every stage is fun and exciting (along with exhausting).


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