meat eater

Nora has become quite the carnivore!! She loves her protein; be it eggs, pork, turkey or chicken; the second it hits her tray she is ALL over it!

And she is doing SO WELL at eating with her hands.  I see her getting more developed with it every day.  Work those fingers and hands!!  I’ve had to ‘ration’ the amount I put on her tray, because if its there, its going in her mouth.  All of it.  At once.


Deli Turkey, NOM!

IMG_5811I don’t think anyone can make gnawing on a  rib bone look much cuter.


Next up: Walking

We recently got little miss a walker (I’m a big fan of wooden toys and just love this walker I found on Amazon- wooden toys last, and don’t have batteries and lights and sounds and what not).  I thought I should wait until her birthday to buy this, amongst the many other things I can’t help but buy for her, but until she really knows its her birthday I figure it doesn’t matter.  Plus she has been pulling herself up to standing almost any chance she gets so I figure this is the next step and it seems that she is ready for it.

She really likes her new toy!!  It has so many fun things on, plus she can cart around her toys in it.IMG_5783

As soon as she got it, she started pulling herself up to standing with it, and has already taken a few steps with it (see video below).IMG_5790

And its also fun to sit in…especially when I push her around in it and parade her like the little princess that she is.

Here she is pulling herself up, taking a few steps, then taking a tumble.

lost soul

Photo on 5-23-15 at 1.46 PMThis is me.

Lying on the couch.

By myself.

In an empty house.

I’ve never been in our home without Nora and I LITERALLY don’t know what to do with myself.  I left Nora with her daddy so I could go help my mom pack, and while I was gone he left to go help his mom pack (everyone is moving around here!).  And let me tell you coming back to an empty home is the STRANGEST feeling ever!

People said ‘enjoy it’, ‘do something you couldn’t normally do’, the thing is I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!  I am lost with out my little girl climbing on me like I am a jungle gym, crawling and following me around like my little puppy and repeating ‘yeah’ every time I say it.  I know it’s only for a brief moment, but I still feel like I am missing a limb!  Especially since I’ve never been home without her, in her whole 9 1/2 months of life.

So I here I sit, doing some ‘catching’ up on the world wide web, waiting for my little sweet to get home.

I’ll do my best to ‘enjoy’ this time, but frankly I enjoy my time better with her around.

Home Video: My tiny dancer

Miss Nora has become quite the music enthusiast just like her mama and daddy.  She will be introduced to a wide arrange of music because Cory and I listen to (mostly) completely different music; him: old country (bleh), and me: indie, hip-hop, a pretty varied genre (minus country & heavy metal).

Here Nora is dancing away.  Every time I put on music, she starts boppin’ her little head, I just love it!!

messy hair don’t care

As anyone that knows Nora or follows this blog knows that Nora was born with a head of hair; luscious dark locks.  When people first meet her it’s one of the first things they say, “Look at all that hair!!”  And while it’s lightening up quite a bit, it’s growing faster than ever.  If I don’t pull it up into a ponytail it’s in her eyes constantly.


She has a natural ombre; dark at the ends and light at the root.  I have to admit I’m a little sad at how light it’s getting.  I wanted her to be a dark brunette like me!!  But who knows it may change over the years and she is still as beautiful as ever!

Love this face.


Pigtails!!! My little pup.


Nora’s first top knot.

_MG_7550How cute is that?!?!

IMG_5527 IMG_5534Nora’s first chignon/french twist (attempt-it’s hard to gather all those fine, baby hairs!).

Noodle Sensory Play

Nora and I have been trying new and fun activities to do during the day.  I’ve learned how important sensory play is and have seen many posts on Pinterest about playing with cooked noodles.  They have a fun and slimy texture to them and are ok if Nora wants to eat them._MG_7524

She had a lot of fun discovering the noodles; especially throwing them on the floor!_MG_7529

The next day I dyed them food coloring to appeal to another sense: sight._MG_7532 _MG_7534 _MG_7535

Love those sweet little chubby fingers._MG_7536I love trying out new activities and there will be plenty more this summer; I see water and messy activities in our future!