Video: Army crawling

Little miss is on the move!

Whenever I stack her blocks, she finds it ABSOLUTELY necessary to knock them down, she loves it.  So I decided to stack some out of her reach and see how she would get there.  She army crawled her little booty across the floor and knocked those blocks down!  I can’t leave this girl unattended for even a second anymore; who knows where she will end up!  Baby-proofing the home is in full force.

She’s SO close to crawling too.  She can now pull her knees under her to get on her hands and knees, just doesn’t quite have the strength to coordination to crawl yet; but it’s close!  And just today as I sat her in the laundry basket to keep her entertained and contained, she pulled herself to standing!  So, needless to say Cory lowered her mattress so she wouldn’t be pulling any tricks in her crib and falling out.  This girl is getting stronger and smarter EVERYDAY!


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