Time is a thief

Nora is literally growing up right before my eyes.  I swear everyday she learns something new.

Here I sat her in her crib, as a usually do while I do my morning face routine, and as I looked over she had pulled herself to the side and was trying to pull herself up to standing!!  She has yet to get herself to the seated position so I’m still safe in that regards, but this girl is working hard!


I’m hoping to get her interested in helping out with the chores from an early age.IMG_5387

She was more than willing to climb into the hamper!


A week or so ago I tried giving Nora some food on her tray for her to try and feed herself.  She proceeded to grasp the food with her whole hand and ‘rake’ it towards herself.  She didn’t seem quite ready.  But just the other day we tried it again and she was using her forefinger and thumb as pincers to grab the food and was reaching for the spoon to feed herself.


Needless to say not much food actually went INTO her mouth, but its a learning process and again the textures are good for her to discover and feel.  I keep telling myself that as I cringe at the mess.  I better get over that REAL quick.


Cory and I were putting up a shed in our backyard and brought Nora out to get some fresh air.  She did so well playing by herself and keeping herself content.  I snuck this picture while Cory was holding up one wall give me ‘the look’ of ‘seriously you’re taking a  photo while I’m waiting for you and holding up this wall’.  “Sorry, I had to” was my response. 

We had a lunch date with some friends and Nora thoroughly enjoyed herself; sitting in the high chair playing, trying daddy’s soup and looking adorable!  Seriously, that face!!

IMG_5357While I am enjoying EVERY minute and EVERY new discovery and milestone, it makes me realize more and more how time is quickly changing my sweet baby.


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