Sensory Boards

I’ve been looking on Pinterest at many Montessori (link to what Montessori is) activities to start with Nora. She’s a smart girl and I want to challenge her to learn as she plays and develops.  I’ve always enjoyed learning and I want to instill that in Nora; that it’s important but can be fun too.

Today I made her a sensory board; which is basically a board with different objects on it for Nora to discover and feel; each object having a different texture and shape.

Here is the board:


I used Scrabble tiles for her first name, and foam letters for her middle name, buttons and different fabrics.IMG_5393

and googley eyes, straws, bubble wrap, feathers, felt, and foam numbers

Nora loved it (so much that she ripped about 3 things off in the first 5 minutes-apparently I didn’t hot glue them down well enough).  I was SO surprised at how long it kept her entertained and now I want to make more boards: a soft one with soft objects, hard board, smooth and rough, etc.  I’m learning that using senses is such an important aspect of the learning process and development in babies (thanks much to my teacher sister-in-law).IMG_5395


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