Seven months old

Little Miss is seven months old today!

Nora is developing a personality and becoming very expressive.  She definitely will let me know when she doesn’t like something (ahem…peas) or when she doesn’t want to do something (ahem…lie down and rest when its funner to sit and play).  I don’t know if she hasn’t figured out the ‘control the volume of your voice’ thing or if she just really likes to yell and scream (uh-oh).  And to think I was worried because she was so quiet and didn’t babble much.

Her mode of travel is rolling because she basically just does it in one direction, rolling her way across the room.  She is sitting so well and reach for toys almost tipping herself forward.

She’s becoming a good eater when she chooses to eat and/or like what’s being fed to her (mostly fruits) but it’s been a little rough on her digestion so prunes has been a staple on the menu, as she isn’t a fan of juice and mostly likes drinking water out of mama’s Nalgene bottle.

seven months oldI know every parent says it but I just can’t believe how fast the time goes.  I remember the day we brought you home like it was last week.  We are getting into a groove you and me and growing closer every day.  How it’s possible to love you more each day I don’t know, but I do.  We are peas and carrots you and me.  Well…since you don’t like peas how about sunshine and lollipops…those go together quite well.


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