date night

We did it!  We had our first date night since Nora was born and left her to be babysat with Cory’s sister.  All Cory wanted for his upcoming birthday was for me to take him out to dinner.  So I obliged, and we had a great dinner at a local Italian restaurant: Botticelli’s.  And guess what we talked about for about half of the dinner: Nora.  We just can’t get enough of that little girl.

Nora had a good time at Aunt Jessi and Uncle Kirk’s house too, playing with her cousins Nicole and Eric, who love her so much.  They didn’t want to give her back when we came to pick her up!  Jessi was ‘hiding’ her under a blanket, when I went to go see her, she took a minute to look at me and then started crying as if to say ‘Umm, I just realized you weren’t here the whole time!!!!’

I wasn’t one bit worried, as I knew she was in good hands, about her but I sure did miss her.  But I see more date nights in our future.  It is important for our marriage and our parenting to spend alone time together.

We both felt ‘different’ without her being around.  Funny how quickly children affect your life and you go so many years without them in it but when they enter your world you can’t imagine it without them.



One thought on “date night

  1. Happy birthday Cory! Glad you guys got out! It’s so important for you both to have couple time, especially as Nora gets older. Your marriage is the foundation of the family and will inform her knowledge of what a loving relationship should look like.

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