The weather has been beautiful around here lately and Nora and I had to get outside to enjoy it!  She rode in the ‘big girl’ part of the stroller for the first time and I think she really enjoyed it.  Not only did she not have to be in her carseat (which she isn’t he biggest fan of), but she got to look around and check everything out.

We walked to a nearby park, where Nora got to swing and then we walked a few laps around the parks track.  It’s so nice to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D!

First ride in the stroller (she’s usually in her car seat attached to it)
My view. Look at those adorable feet.
Nora loves to swing!

the battle

I’m losing the ‘battle of the crib’.  Since returning home from Mexico, where Nora slept in the bed with us, she has REFUSED to return to her crib; for naps or for nighttime.  This little girl throws a tantrum the moment she is set in it.  And I can’t bear to let her ‘cry it out’, I just can’t do it.  So, she has been sleeping with us, and we are all getting less sleep because of it.  She wakes up every 2-3 hours wanting to nurse (more so to be consoled I think), which obviously wakes me up and occasionally wakes up her daddy.

I know the vacation threw off her routine (which I had established quite well) and I am trying to give her a little time to readjust, but I am hoping I didn’t completely undo all of my efforts of getting her in her crib; not only that but of her putting herself back to sleep.  I was able to lay her in her crib, awake, and she would fall asleep on her own for naps…not anymore.

It breaks my heart to hear her cry like that and I love the way she reaches for me and immediately stops crying when I hold her.  As we lie down on the bed, she rolls into me and grabs tightly to my shirt to make sure I don’t leave.  Although sometimes I do, leaving her asleep in my bed, I wish I could make her understand that I will always be right here when she wakes up and calls for me.  I will never leave her.

As much as I love having her close to me, she’s getting bigger and our bed is getting smaller and we are all a little tired.  I’m hoping this is just a short phase.  I don’t know what else to do.

Mexico (Part 2)

Our trip to Mexico was very relaxing. This was the first time that we had gone there and didn’t even leave the resort; spending our days on the beach, at the pool and in our room (which is more like an apartment so it doesn’t feel confining).

My favorite picture of my two favorite people._MG_7418

First family photo in the ocean.

Our little sweet pea wasn’t to sure what to think about it._MG_7429

Sunset over the ocean._MG_7432

She wasn’t sure about the ocean, but she sure loved the pool!_MG_7437 _MG_7439

Relaxing on the balcony._MG_7448 Nature’s ombre._MG_7451

First word(s)

Nora’s done it: she’s spoken her first words!!! Her very first was ‘MA-MA’ and it was the most beautiful sound in the world!!!  It started out as ‘ama-ama’ and now it’s mama! She’s also babbling ‘ya-ya’ and she said ‘da-da’ for Cory, which delighted him to no end! 

While we were in Mexico she really started babbling a lot more, especially in front of other people. She tended to be pretty quiet and reserved when around others. Shes become quite the Chatty Cathy and is growing so fast!

Mexico (Part 1)

We have returned from our excursion from Cancun, Mexico! (I opt out of announcing our departures online and social media as I have become leery of what I may return home to.  We may live in a small(ish) town in Wyoming, but bad things can happen anywhere.)

Anywho…we had a wonderful time!  Nora’s first trip anywhere, and especially on a plane.  She was a wonderful flyer and got many compliments (as usual).  I was nervous to fly with her, but things went swimmingly.  Although we were thoroughly exhausted by the end of it even though we mostly just lounged around.

This was mine and Cory’s fourth time visiting Mexico.  The last time we were there, four years ago, Cory and I got engaged!  So it was special for us to have Nora with us this time, staying in the same room where our journey began!

First day. My beach babes.
Nora’s first beach and ocean experience.
Happy girls.
Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset
Nora loved the sand in her toes.
View from our room.
Happy family
Nora’s first ride in a cart; she had so much fun!
My little señorita!
At dinner
Daddy had to try every dessert
Two ponytails!
Nora got a maraca for a souvenir and had so much fun with it!
Breakfast time!
Some days were a little hot to be sitting on the beach so we lounged on the patio in the shade until the day cooled down a bit.