Treat Yo Self

My friend recently wrote a great blog post, and one of her links was on self care as a mother and how important it is.

I have been trying to listen to the advice and make sure to do things for myself and take care of myself so I can be the best mama, wife, friend, person, etc. I can be.  My me time the other day was a mud mask facial (this stuff was awesome).  Nothing too extensive, just a little time spent on myself, doing something just for me.  Not only did my skin feel amazing afterward, but it felt good to be taking care of my body and focusing on me, if only for a few minutes.

While most of my time and energy is focused on my daughter (which most mother’s is), I am realizing that if I don’t carve a time out in the day for me, then I am slightly stressed which makes a stressed household.  Since Nora has been putting herself to sleep for her naps (I mean, can we celebrate this fact), it makes for perfect time to spend on myself.  I’m not rushing around trying to get housework done, I’ve schedule time for myself as if it is an appointment I can’t miss.  If I can do a little me time everyday, I will feel better emotionally and physically.  My mood will improve, making me a happier mama and wife; and who doesn’t love that, especially Nora and Cory.

I made sure Nora was napping during this, so as to not scare the bejeezus out of her, and so she wouldn’t be clawing at my face and proceeding to try and eat the mud.

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