Screen time

I’ve written before of my love/hate relationship with technology; mostly referring to smartphones.

It’s so common these days that EVERYWHERE you go, someone, or most everyone, is on their phone.  What do you see??  The tops of people’s heads, because their face is buried at whatever is so interesting on these small contraptions we call smartphones.

I’ve been finding myself more and more ‘checking’ my phone.  Logging on to Instagram to see what’s new, checking Facebook (bleh, another love/hate), perusing Pinterest, snap chatting.  While it’s all fine and dandy to stay connected, it most certainly doesn’t need to be a constant.  Especially when I find myself side glancing at my phone while my daughter sits in my lap.  Not cool.  And since Nora finds it necessary to grab EVERYTHING I hold in my hands, I don’t want her fixated on my phone.

My daughter, my time, my life is more important than anything that is on my phone.  So I am cutting down my time.  I deleted Facebook from my phone, Instagramming, checking mail, etc. while Miss Nora naps and basically leaving it at that.  I’m not going ‘off the grid’, still responding to messages,  phone calls and the like; saving my screen time for mostly when I have a little extra time and/or am by myself.   I just don’t need my life controlled by my phone.  (Coincidentally enough I was watching Broad City last night and they were talking about the EXACT same thing…disclaimer if you haven’t seen this show watch it: hilarious.)

I think a lot of it also has to do with some people feeling uncomfortable being alone,  they need something to occupy their mind/time.  Silence and stillness can be golden.  Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable people look when they get on elevator and they feel like they have to say something.  Some elevators even have televisions in them to fill the ‘awkward silence’ (well, not here in the good ol’ state of Wyoming, but I know they are out there).  Whatever happened to just being?  Why do we constantly feel it necessary to busy our mind and hands with whatever is SO important on the world wide web?  Yes it’s fun to pass some time pinning cute outfits, or catching up on a blog or what have you, but is it still fun when it becomes mindless?

So, why not try less time with your phone and more time doing something creative with your hands, or spending more time with your family: actual interactive time, or don’t I don’t really care.  This is my take on things and what I think is necessary for me, for now.



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