Milk machine

My mornings go quick; between feeding Nora, pumping, cleaning up the kitchen (I can’t do anything if there are dishes in the sink-drives me crazy), to my face routine, and before I know it it’s almost time for morning nap and I haven’t even eaten. The best and quickest way for me to start my day off with some calories is a shake. It’s easy and yummy. I’m having a hard time eating enough to produce enough milk and I literally feel like I’m eating all day.
Most days my shake consists of a banana, frozen berries (usually strawberry sometimes blueberry), flax seeds, a scoop of protein powder, I big scoop of almond butter (gotta get those calories and fat), almond milk and some water. I toss all this in my ninja blender and it’s so yummy! Sometimes I will put some oats in it to also help with milk production.
It’s all about the milk!! I definitely know that stress plays a big role in my production; whether it be physical or emotional stress, my milk wanes. It’s amazing how much stress physically affects your body. It really is a toxin. I even find that if I do a strenuous Crossfit workout, my milk decreases (which then stresses me out more); so for know I will stick to lighter workouts and some light lifting. Right now, it’s about Nora and feeding her well. After this first year I will let myself get back to working out harder, but right now it’s not worth it.


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