First Cold

My poor baby is sick!!! Waaaa!!

I feel so helpless.  Poor little girl has a cough (although I wish she didn’t, but her cough is so tiny and cute) and a runny nose.

She had a fever last week and I thought maybe she was teething although I didn’t feel a bump, or tooth or anything.  Cold symptoms developed and she had a small rash under her china and on her chest, so we went to the doctor yesterday just to be sure.  The rash was from the teething gel most likely, from her drooling and it running down her chin and chest, and other than that its just a small cold that will run its course.

Nights have been rough for her, so she has been co-sleeping with us just until she feels better.  Another reason I thought she was teething was her night -waking; she hasn’t been sleeping well at night.  AND I haven’t either due to getting up 100 times to shush her or put her pacifier back in (I think we may be breaking her of this bedtime pacifier soon).  Those few nights where she wasn’t sleeping was actually the first time I had really experienced exhaustion from sweet Nora.  Even when she was a newborn she slept pretty good.  I felt like a walking zombie Saturday and Sunday.  Since bringing her into bed with us, both Nora and I have slept much better (daddy can probably sleep through a hurricane).  I am just hoping the transition back to the crib won’t be a fight.



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