These eyes

I went to the eye doctor the other day and my trusty sidekick accompanied me.  She was quiet and patient as always, although I think my days of taking her to appointments and her keeping this composure may be slowly coming to an end.

I got lasik eye surgery about 5 or 6 years ago, but I have noticed some blurriness lately; mostly with night driving and things far away.  I’ve noticed the blurry vision more after my essential oil debacle; the oil didn’t cause my vision to worsen I have just been paying attention to it more.  but lo and behold, my vision has worsened; about 20/40 in my right eye, which is pretty significant.  My doctor gave me two options: get an enhancement of my lassie (which won’t be as fun as the first time and because I didn’t keep up my annual appointments would probably cost me just as much) or get glasses.  I opted for the latter.  I will only need them for night time driving and maybe watching tv at night.  I do wish my lasik had lasted longer; but coming from where I was before lasik, I am not doing too bad.  I literally couldn’t see the BIG E on the eye chart.  But I do have to admit I am kind of excited to wear glasses again,  I always liked the way they looked and I picked out a super cute pair; post to follow.

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Waiting patiently with mama

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First Cross stitch

I did it.  I finished my first cross stitch project!  I’m really happy with how it turned out.  It doesn’t quite fit the hoop, but I liked the look of it rather than the plastic, black frame it came with.  I also think I want to ‘tint’ the fabric with some tea, so it’s not so vibrant white and looks a little more ‘antiquey’.


It’s hanging in Nora’s room; another piece to add to her collage wall.
IMG_4887I really enjoyed doing this project.  It made me take some time out of the day to just sit down and relax (part of my me time – see yesterday’s post).  I’m excited to try new patterns.  I’ve found some really cute ones on Pinterest.

Treat Yo Self

My friend recently wrote a great blog post, and one of her links was on self care as a mother and how important it is.

I have been trying to listen to the advice and make sure to do things for myself and take care of myself so I can be the best mama, wife, friend, person, etc. I can be.  My me time the other day was a mud mask facial (this stuff was awesome).  Nothing too extensive, just a little time spent on myself, doing something just for me.  Not only did my skin feel amazing afterward, but it felt good to be taking care of my body and focusing on me, if only for a few minutes.

While most of my time and energy is focused on my daughter (which most mother’s is), I am realizing that if I don’t carve a time out in the day for me, then I am slightly stressed which makes a stressed household.  Since Nora has been putting herself to sleep for her naps (I mean, can we celebrate this fact), it makes for perfect time to spend on myself.  I’m not rushing around trying to get housework done, I’ve schedule time for myself as if it is an appointment I can’t miss.  If I can do a little me time everyday, I will feel better emotionally and physically.  My mood will improve, making me a happier mama and wife; and who doesn’t love that, especially Nora and Cory.

I made sure Nora was napping during this, so as to not scare the bejeezus out of her, and so she wouldn’t be clawing at my face and proceeding to try and eat the mud.

Baby Food

I love making food for little Miss Nora; finding out what she likes and doesn’t like.  Today I made more sweet potatoes (she’s had them before and loved them), but then I made blueberries and mixed them in with the sweet potatoes.  I seriously wanted to eat it; I did have to taste it to make sure it wasn’t yucky or anything.  The blueberries tasted like jam and were so yummy with the potatoes.  As you can tell, Nora liked it too.


I love the bright beautiful colors of homemade baby food.IMG_4880


Last night Nora and I went over to my cousin’s house for dinner (Cory had to work late).   I hadn’t seen my cousin in over a year, and he lives in the same town as us.  It’s a fact I hate to admit and one that makes me rather sad.  My family has never really been the ‘close-knit’ type, although I wish we had been.  I am closer with a lot of Cory’s family members than my own.  So it made me excited when my cousin’s fiancee contacted me to invite me over for dinner.  She mentioned that Jesse, my cousin, had been wanting to get in touch with me and time just got away.  So she took the initiative and I am really glad she did.  We had a great dinner and the company was even better; we laughed and talked and got caught up on each others lives.  They got to meet Nora and I am already planning on having them over for dinner.

Growing up my cousins, Jesse and Luke, and I were fairly close.  Our relationship consisted of sleepovers, playing pretend and when I stayed at their house ‘Donut Day’ (Sunday).  Many of these memories we typically recollect when we see each other.  Not having siblings, it’s nice to recall childhood memories with someone, because although I didn’t see them all the time they were like my brothers.

I am really excited to rekindle my relationship with my cousin and I hope to stay closer in touch as we both expand our own families.  Maybe we can be the ‘close-knit’ family after all.

Screen time

I’ve written before of my love/hate relationship with technology; mostly referring to smartphones.

It’s so common these days that EVERYWHERE you go, someone, or most everyone, is on their phone.  What do you see??  The tops of people’s heads, because their face is buried at whatever is so interesting on these small contraptions we call smartphones.

I’ve been finding myself more and more ‘checking’ my phone.  Logging on to Instagram to see what’s new, checking Facebook (bleh, another love/hate), perusing Pinterest, snap chatting.  While it’s all fine and dandy to stay connected, it most certainly doesn’t need to be a constant.  Especially when I find myself side glancing at my phone while my daughter sits in my lap.  Not cool.  And since Nora finds it necessary to grab EVERYTHING I hold in my hands, I don’t want her fixated on my phone.

My daughter, my time, my life is more important than anything that is on my phone.  So I am cutting down my time.  I deleted Facebook from my phone, Instagramming, checking mail, etc. while Miss Nora naps and basically leaving it at that.  I’m not going ‘off the grid’, still responding to messages,  phone calls and the like; saving my screen time for mostly when I have a little extra time and/or am by myself.   I just don’t need my life controlled by my phone.  (Coincidentally enough I was watching Broad City last night and they were talking about the EXACT same thing…disclaimer if you haven’t seen this show watch it: hilarious.)

I think a lot of it also has to do with some people feeling uncomfortable being alone,  they need something to occupy their mind/time.  Silence and stillness can be golden.  Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable people look when they get on elevator and they feel like they have to say something.  Some elevators even have televisions in them to fill the ‘awkward silence’ (well, not here in the good ol’ state of Wyoming, but I know they are out there).  Whatever happened to just being?  Why do we constantly feel it necessary to busy our mind and hands with whatever is SO important on the world wide web?  Yes it’s fun to pass some time pinning cute outfits, or catching up on a blog or what have you, but is it still fun when it becomes mindless?

So, why not try less time with your phone and more time doing something creative with your hands, or spending more time with your family: actual interactive time, or don’t I don’t really care.  This is my take on things and what I think is necessary for me, for now.


My little love

I am so very attached to you little one.  You have filled my heart beyond capacity.  Every morning I love to see your smiling face.  You are as excited to see me as I am you.  I never tire of you and I never will.  You are my joy each and every day.  I didn’t know love like this existed.  You are a piece of me; my heart is outside of my body.

I want to protect you, but also let you spread your wings.

I want to teach you, but also let you learn on your own.

I want to serve you, but also let you do things for yourself.

I want to make it all better, but not be overbearing.

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May you always find comfort in my lap.Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetMay you always be happy to see me. Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

May you always feel comfortable and safe with me.Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

May you always enjoy the little things #stopandsmelltherosesProcessed with VSCOcam with t2 presetMay you always have a place in your mama’s arms.