Nora’s Menu

Nora’s diet has now consisted of rice cereal, sweet potatoes, applesauce, a bit of peas and bananas.  Everything besides the peas has gone over really well.  The peas got a look of disgust and they weren’t as pureed as I had wanted them so we forgo the peas and went for bananas that day.  When she gets this eating thing down a bit more and can handle chunkier foods I will bring back the peas.

I’m making her food myself and I want to try all sorts of fruits and veggies, hoping she will continue to like the as she gets older.

It’s so much fun trying out these new foods and she really seems to enjoy meal time.  She gets  a little distracted but once you put that spoon to her mouth she is all about it, its so cute.

Next up, pears!

Nom nom nom
Peas??? EHhh, not so much



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