Problem Solving

After much deliberation about my post yesterday, I decided to make a ‘weekly to-do’ list.

1. Because I like lists (see what I did there)

2. Because it’ll help keep my sanity.

3. So I am not constantly thinking about all the things I need to do and can concentrate on one major task to get down during the day.

Basically my list doles out a specific chore for the day: i.e. bathrooms, sweeping/mopping, laundry etc.  As anal as this may seem, please refer to number 2.

I know it will not always go as planned and there are daily things that need to get done, but I am hoping this will help me out a bit and make me concentrate on the task at hand; kind of like my menu plan, which I have mostly stuck to and has helped me plan dinners and shopping trips.

Here’s to keeping my sanity and a fairly clean house.


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