I’ve always been  multitasker.  And by that I mean I start a job, then notice something else needs done and start that job before finishing the last, and so on.  By then I have started 10 different jobs and none have gotten finished.  I even tell myself ‘Stop, finish this job before you move on to the next’.  But that doesn’t usually happen.  I guess I think I am getting more done by having 100 things going at once but really all I am doing is stressing myself out.

I always find myself saying “Oh, I gotta hurry and get that done”, usually said while Nora naps which is a task in itself because if I am not holding her she usually only naps for about 30 minutes.  I’m even hurrying to get this post written while Nora sits on my lap.

I’m rushing through the day and before I know its over.  Rushing to get laundry done, dishes done, clean up the house, make food for Nora, shower (sometimes), workout (sometimes), go to the store, etc. etc.  I need to slow down and enjoy the days more, rather then always thinking of what’s next that needs to be done.  I don’t ignore my daughter by any means; I’ll sit her in the highchair in the kitchen while I cook, or her bouncer in the living room while I fold laundry.  And there are days when we just sit on the couch for awhile and just hang out; read and play.

Having children means your dishes may stack up, the laundry may not get done right away, you will have small piles of things lying all over the house, toys will be in every room; but this is what makes a happy home and time well spent with your kids.

Nora grows so quickly that I think the dishes and housework can wait; at least until tomorrow.


clean house
Maybe not a ‘wasted’ life, but you get the point.

One thought on “Rushing

  1. I love these pictures! Too funny. Yes, when you have kids, you either have to let some of the house work slide or you become the cranky mom who’s always yelling at her kids to clean up. Unfortunately, I become both in a weekend – cool Saturday Mom and stressed out Sunday (Holy crap this house is trashed!!) Mom. Basically, I just need to hire a cleaning woman and then I can be cool mom all the time.

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