Body Back…or better than before

I just read a great article about an amazing CrossFit athlete, Elisabeth Akinwale,  and her take on fitness, pregnancy and the ‘after’ of being a mom and working out.  It hit home for sure! I have struggled a bit with my body image since having Nora.  And yes I do realize all that my body went through and the miracle it performed…and I wouldn’t ever ever take it back for anything.  But it was hard from me going to the fittest I had ever been, to having a little extra in the mid-section and losing a lot of my strength I worked hard to gain.

I’ve been working hard at being kind to my body and taking it day by day; not beating myself up if I don’t work out, especially if it’s to hang out with my best buddy Nora.  I truly love and appreciate  that I get to spend every day with her, and I wouldn’t give that up for a workout or anything else in the world.

Elisabeth reminded me that my daughter will only be a baby ONCE.  I will NEVER get this time back with her.  So I am going to soak it all in.  Not to say I won’t workout when I can and when it works for us, but the gym will always be there waiting, my baby won’t. And when I do make it back full force, I will be confident and happy, and a mother.  I will be a new kind of an athlete, better than before.

I will stop guilting myself over gym time (or lack thereof) stop poking my belly, stop pointing out that I am weaker than I was.  I don’t want Nora seeing that pointing out my flaws is what women do.  It’s the opposite of what I want her to see and do.  I want her to love her body for what it is and what it is capable of doing; whatever that may be for her. I do want fitness/physical activity to be a part of her life-I want her to be healthy and enjoy doing physical things.  I won’t force it on her but my hope is that seeing it as my lifestyle she will know that it is important.

I want her to know she is beautiful–even in sweatpants with no makeup on.  I want her to be confident–even when she makes a mistake.  I want her to love her body–even if it has birthmark she doesn’t like a roll or two here and there.  I want her to love being a woman.

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