Sweet Potato

After a week of eating rice cereal, Nora tried sweet potatoes tonight…and LOVED it.  She ate her whole bowl!  I had some issues at first getting it the right consistency for her but I got it figured it out and she seemed to eat it without any problems. I see lots of baby food making in my future.  She is going to be trying lots of yummy and colorful foods.

PS. I know posts have been fairly short and quick lately.  I usually don’t get to writing them until I am in bed.  I am tired.  The days go by so quickly.  Especially now that Nora is awake for more of the day.  Dishes.  Pumping.  Feeding.  Making baby food. (ok I have only done this once, but it will soon become more frequent).  Putting down Nora for a nap.  Getting Easy orders made and shipped.  Eating. (this gets forgotten often).  Work out. (this too gets forgotten often).  Go to the store.  ok, night night.


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