Five Months Old







As EVERYONE says, it goes too fast.  Yes the time is fleeting and quick but am enjoying every minute of it.  And down the road I may wish it had slowed down, but right now I am content with the rolling days.  I am happy to watch this little one grown and learn, and to teach and love her each and every day.  It’s a lot of work having an infant, and slowing down time means more longer, sleepless nights, more undivided attention,  and more breastfeeding and pumping.  I am happy to do all of this for my daughter, and do it diligently. But I don’t want it to last forever.

At five months old, its almost hard to imagine this almost 15 pound girl was once half that weight and so tiny in my arms; not able to hold up her head and barely keep her eyes open.  No she’s awake more often than sleeping, very aware of her surroundings, grabbing everything and putting it in her mouth, smiling and laughing all the time, loves to be read to, getting better at tummy time and rolled over twice, sleeping every night in her crib, sitting so well unassisted, and making mommy and daddy happy just looking at her shining face.five months old


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