Discontinue in 2015

There are a few things I am over and hope don’t continue to be used/said in 2015.  Some of these got started before 2014, but I think it’s time to put them to rest:

  • Chevron.  Over it. So over done.  Yes I have an accent wall painted with chevron and yes I’m over it.  Luckily I own no clothing with this pattern.
  • lol.  I have been tired of this acronym from day one, especially when people use it after something that is clearly NOT funny, specifically not laugh out loud funny: i.e.. I went shopping today and saw that scarf you bought lol.
  • Owls/birds, they are everywhere.  Yes they were cute, but once again something has been overdone and lost it’s luster. 
  • Bae.  Stop saying it.  Cray.  Stop saying it. Totes adorbs.  Stop saying it.
  • Keep calm and…..has run it’s course.
  • Diets.  They don’t work. Stop doing them.  Choose a healthy lifestyle…lifestyle being the key word, it’s not temporary.
  • Zebra stripe highlights.  I believe a more natural look is way more appealing.  Same goes for too much makeup.  Less is more.
  • Uggs and leggings.  Enough said.

My intent is not to offend anyone.  If you like this stuff, cool.  That’s why we are unique individuals who live in America and are entitled to our own opinions.


2 thoughts on “Discontinue in 2015

  1. Words can’t express how much I enjoy this post. I love your sassy voice! I completely agree with Bae and cray and the highlights. I am, sadly, somewhat behind the trend and am currently in love with chevrons, birds, woodland creatures and even found myself considering Uggs the other day (but strictly for gym to-and-fros). I could blame Wyoming but sadly, I’ve always been a bit slow to adopt new things.

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