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Not much has been going on in the household as of late.  Cory is sick with what we think is the flu so we have quarantined him to the basement bedroom and kept Nora away from him-which has been so hard for him, he’s been wanting to hold Nora so bad (I don’t blame him).  So I decided a post about of my home decor would do.  I love interior design (I actually went to school for it for a bit but didn’t finish).  I have always loved decorating my space, ever since I can remember I was ALWAYS rearranging my room.  Trying to figure out the perfect spot for everything.  We have been in our home 6 years now and I am jus now getting it how I like it.  It takes me awhile to figure out exactly where everything works (I drive my husband crazy moving things all the time).  But its fun for me and I enjoy it.  Here is a little look into our home:

Recently painted the white on the mantle. Sign made by me. Ampersand metal piece found at a vintage sale. Dried baby’s breathe from our wedding in blue metal vase from Ikea.
Cory is an avid hunter. I was reluctant to hang dead animals in our home, but this goose works here and I actually like it. Plus…it is Cory’s home too.
Pinterest DIY project I made before Nora was born. One little heart for each of us.
If you can’t keep a plant alive (which I can) get a cactus. I can never imagine my home without plants!
Vintage bottles. The bird had a candle in it, once it burned out I planted a succulent in it….that I couldn’t keep alive.
Vintage fishing reels.
Vintage lanterns hang on each side of the fireplace which is filled with vintage bottles and a basket of books.
This was Cory’s first antelope. It’s very special to him. I love the empty frame around it.
Wedding photo courtesy of Intimate Portraits, LLC. Pallet on the wall holds different odds and ends.
Piece of driftwood I use to hold all of my necklaces in our bedroom, I just love this piece, Chevron wall I paint (although I am kind of over chevron now)
Books with the word ‘love’ in the title, they were used as decoration at our wedding (maybe a future post in the making).

There is a sneak peek into our home…maybe more posts to come of the rest of our humble abode.


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