Nora’s First Christmas

Nora’s first Christmas a blessed one.  We woke up around 7:30 (when Nora woke up, from her crib–updates on that to come), cozied in bed for a bit, had some coffee, I made some paleo cinnamon rolls (yum), and we reveled in the fact that we didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to rush downstairs and see what Santa had brought…those years are to come, and besides the crack of dawn part, I am looking forward to it.

Nora seemed to like what she got (I had to hand her every one and see what she thought)  besides the clothes, what kid likes getting clothes??  We al took turn opening presents and enjoyed the morning watching A Christmas Story. 

Cory started smoking the prime rib while I made brussels sprout au gratin (which will be a repeat recipe FOR SURE).  We also ordered Dungeness crab (the best) and oysters (not a big fan) from Seattle.  Grammy Janny joined us for dinner.  My mom and nana were going to come, along with scalloped potatoes and pie, but it was snowing all day and the roads were not good, so they had to pass as to not drive home on horrible roads in the dark.  We missed them but didn’t want them to chance it- we will celebrate with them soon!

Amongst our delicious spread we had a beautiful centerpiece.
Nora was a good girl this year, her whole 4.5 months of life, and doesn’t she seem throughly excited!?! #MugshotNora I love her little foot resting on her stocking.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…and stuffed to the brim, Dakota even got a little treat from Santa.
nora's first xmas
Our sweet Christmas Angel.
More toys. I don’t think she has the attention span or comprehension for this many toys, but Santa couldn’t help it.
Sweet baby feet. Look at that pointy little heel.
A sweet ornament from Aunt Mar.

_MG_7033 _MG_7038

This was the ornament we made at Pottery By You, remember that day?


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