Project: Sofa Table

I love DIY and craft projects; making things cheaper than what I can buy it for, personalization, and it’s just plain fun to make something with your hands and show off the final project.  Today I (well we, my dear husband did help) made a sofa table.  I was tired of having absolutely nowhere to set anything down in our upstairs living room, but a coffee table would be in the way.  So I found a cool industrial table on pinterest and made my own version.  I changed it up a bit as I didn’t need as much piping.


I really wanted a big thick piece of barn wood but I already had this in the garage.  If I were going to be using it out in the open rather than behind a sofa I would definitely use a 2″ thick board rather than 1″.  This is 6′ long.  I sanded it, then used a homemade stain (white vinegar and steel wool) on it.


The piping (24″x1/2″)  was purchased at a local hardware store and I spray painted it with ‘Antique Bronze’.  I went the easy way out with the piping only making four legs as opposed to what I pinned on Pinterest.


My husband screwed on the legs (he is a welder and very accurate with his measurements, so i left this to him), and wa-la, a table was born.


And here is it’s resting place.  I don’t have it fully decorated yet but it’s already being put to good use.  The height is perfect behind the sofa, and I am very satisfied with our project!


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