Visiting Santa

Today we took Nora to meet Santa.  I knew she probably wouldn’t cry, as long as she got to look at Santa first before handing her over, and she didn’t.  But she also didn’t smile…which I was kind of expecting.  This little girl’s precious smile (typically) disappears when you put a camera in front of her face. The photographer and I tried our best, and she got her to smile a few times but by the time she made it back to the camera she was stoic.

I really do love the holidays and they are so much more exciting when you have a kid.  Now I can really do all the ‘kiddy’ things I enjoy (because Cory never will)…baking and decorating cookies, making a gingerbread house, watching Christmas movies (including kid’s ones), visiting Santa…and so much more! yay!

All dressed up and ready to meet Santa, and of course she smiled so sweetly in this one



Santa’s Workshop
IMG_4216 IMG_4217

Nora has such a sweet smile, then the camera comes out and she says ‘nope’.  I’ve deemed her #MugshotNora.



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