First Night in Crib

Last night Nora spent her first night in her crib and it went EXCELLENT! (I hope I don’t jinx myself).  For the first hour she tossed a bit and whined a little, to which I went in and soothed her without picking her up.  She finally put herself to sleep around 10 and didn’t wake up until 330!  After that I laid her back down and she went right back to sleep until 7!  Then for her last little snooze I brought her into bed with me to snuggle and I had to wake the little miss up around 9 so we could go have coffee and breakfast with some friends.  I was so happy and proud of her!  I know there will probably be some bumps here and there, but I am hoping she continues this trend.  She is such a big girl!  I was a little sad to not have her next to me, but I think I slept better because I didn’t wake at her every little move.  **fingers crossed** for tonight!

Obviously this isn’t of her sleeping, but she is such a big girl in her crib!

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