“Quiet” Time

After attending a 2-year-old birthday party at the bowling alley yesterday, Nora was pooped.  Ok well, she napped almost the whole time we were there, but she was a little fussy that morning, and who couldn’t use a nap on a snowy Sunday afternoon-me included.  I laid down with her on the couch, while Cory watched football (I can rarely sleep with the tv on, but I dozed for a bit).  Before I had fallen asleep, I heard Cory trying to be quiet: slowly cracking and eating peanuts, slowly opening a beer, slowly putting the recliner down, slowly opening the closet, slowly putting the recliner back up, slowly grabbing a bag of chips, slowly opening them, slowly crunching the chips.

PS.  Doing things slowly does not necessarily make them quiet- but he tried.



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