Yesterday we had some friends over.  Becca and her cute, chubby Clayton and Steph and her sweet, tall boy Wyatt.  It was nice to have some mommy talk and for the babies to…..interact I guess you could say.  They stared at each other a bit, but weren’t quite sure.  But I know they will all soon be pals and it’ll be fun to watch them grow up together.

Wyatt is 5 weeks older than Nora and Clayton is 3 weeks younger.  It’s amazing the developmental differences between them with only a few weeks difference in age.  Wyatt is standing so good with his mama’s help and rolling over.  Clayton and Nora are pretty similar in development.  Nora is sitting a little better than him, but he won’t be far behind.

More play dates will definitely be in our future.  It’s good for both us.

Nora & Wyatt
Mamas and their babies

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