I Got Up for This?

We had to get up early (well earlier than normal for me and Nora) for
Nora’s appointment with the dermatologist. Nora is not a morning person, just like her mama. She looked at dad as he woke her like “what the hell?” I know sweetie, it sucks. And needless to say she was tired for most of the day, just couldn’t catch up on sleep with naps.
The dermatologist said that the spot on her belly and lip was as Dr. Green had suspected, a strawberry hemangioma (harmless, and will go away within a year or so). So that was a relief. Although, I wasn’t too worried. They seemed harmless, and Dr. Green hadn’t seemed too concerned about it, just wanted a second opinion.
After that we went home, had some breakfast, put Nora down and mama went to get a pedicure, yay! Since Nora it’s been rare that I have gotten to do so,etching just for me, by myself, so it was a nice treat (although this is my doing, I have plenty of people that will watch her-but I like leaving her with daddy…for now). But wouldn’t you guess it when I got home I screwed up the polish on my toes. #lifeofamom Oh well, there will be more down the road….sometime.
And a high-five for me, I’ve worked out now 4 days this week. Which didn’t used to be a big deal for me, but since Nora and postpartum healing that’s the most workouts I’ve done in a week. And I’ve felt it, boy have I been sore. But it’s a good sore, gaining back some muscle. My girls at the gym help motivate me and hold me accountable, even if only through Facebook, I’ve mainly been working out at home.
These photos have no relevance to today, she’s just cute.





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